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The Games

Light Bikes (status: complete) Download available
Light Cycles clone - fully working, downloadable MSA of disk available.

Professional Animation Master (status: complete) Download available
Application for creating animations, for use in other STOS programs (i.e. game cut-scenes).

Genocide (status: 60%) Download available
Dungeon Master / Substation style game. Basic game engine exists (no enemies or objects though), up to 4 players, includes a playable demo.

Viper (status: 40%) Download available
A helicopter shoot em up, in the same style as SkyStrike, or Harrier Attack.

Wakka Wakka Wakka (status: 40%) Download available
Clone of Dynablaster (Bomberman) - 3 Players, you just cant kill each other.

Speeder (status: 10%)
Race a friend down a canyon in two hover jets. Just a technology prover really, the engine works, but its very slow.

I Hate Gaukroger (Status: 90%)
Er, not a very serious attempt at a game here, but you get to shoot my old college tutor.